We are equipped with the technical knowledge of OTC derivatives to assist large-scale brokerages or retail clients


The Forex and Crytocurrency market in South Africa is largely unregulated and we aim to assist both brokerages and market participants in their compliance efforts within an ever changing domestic and international regulatory environment. 

We offer the following services:

  • Assisting clients to develop and manage their FICA and consumer facing terms and conditions;

  • Attending to the representation of clients at the Financial Conduct Authority;

  • Assisting in analysing and providing reports on prohibited trading practices;

  • Advising clients on the applicable provisions of the following legislation: Financial Advisory & Intermediary Services Act ('FAIS'), Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act ('FICA'), Consumer Protection Act ('CPA'), Electronic Communications & Transmissions Act ('ECTA') and the Protection of Personal Information Act ('POPI').

  • Assisting clients in the compliance aspects of the Financial Markets Act relating to applications for OTC Derivatives Provider authorisations;

  • Assisting client's in the management of their back-end domestic/international outsourced technology provider agreements.