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Criminal Law & Financial Crime

The premier firm which specialises in defending clients against financial crime related charges.

The firm brings personal attention, deep industry knowledge and substantive legal experience to each matter, tailoring advice to clients’ needs, priorities and circumstances.


The South African criminal justice system can be overwhelming for those who are not familiar with their civil rights. We combine our unique understanding of the enforcement landscape with a deep appreciation for resolving client issues.

Our services include:

  • Defending against criminal prosecutions and civil enforcement actions.

  • Conducting internal corporate investigations involving recoveries relating to employee theft or misappropriation.

  • Negotiating complex global settlements.

  • Facilitating cooperation with government regulators.

  • Attending to bail applications for both minor and serious financial crime related offences.

  • Drafting of representations to the respective law enforcement agency.

  • Attending to criminal trials and inquests.

  • Assisting in the preparing of civil claims against the State for unlawful arrest and detentions.

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