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Crypto-Asset Services

We help our clients take advantage of blockchain technology's huge potential and disruptive impact, while staying compliant with a complex and fast-changing regulatory landscape. 

Having embraced this practice area from the very beginning, our experts have a unique depth of experience and knowledge of appropriate structures specific to Blockchain and FinTech businesses and crypto-focused investment funds. 


A number of attorneys in our highly regarded Litigation and Commercial teams are at the forefront of this rapidly developing practice area, having advised and acted for clients in relation to numerous novel legal issues arising in this sphere.


We currently advise issuers of tokens, ICO advisors, venture capital firms and entrepreneurs involved in this space on South African legal issues and regulatory compliance for a range of planned business activities, ranging from utilisation of blockchain to enable business applications in diverse fields to setting up cryptocurrency exchanges and issue of tokens on proprietary platforms.

Our specific services include advice and guidance on:

  • Assisting clients to develop and manage their KYC procedure, consumer facing terms and conditions and anti-money laundering requirements under prevailing South African laws.

  • Advising and representing clients in contentious and complex Blockchain and FinTech matters.

  • Advising on the appropriate South African legal entity for conducting Crypto-Asset related business services.

  • Preparation of agreement between the client’s company and placement agents; and other intermediaries and collaborators.

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